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Travel Sitting Safely

Long haul economy traveler sitting for hours on a bus or airplane or stressed commuter just needing a short rest?


Rests your upper body & keeps contents safe.
  • Protects the contents of your backpack as you sleep.
  • Supports your complete upper body sitting up.
  • Allows you to rest or sleep sitting up.
  • Good posture hold avoids neck and back strain.
  • The chinrest and posture position provides for good clear
  • nasal airways and minimizes potential snoring.
  • Protects hair style.
  • Keeps face make-up perfect.
  • Sleeping sitting up minimizes baggy eyes.
  • Eat, sleep and leave your means of transport looking good and feeling great!

Our brand new unisex bag is a new concept in backpacks. It makes full use of a backpack. Its designed to be worn on the user's back and front. When worn on the front you can hug and cuddle it. It gives you comfortable upper body support seated. When you fall asleep, it keeps you upright in good posture and protects the bag's valuable contents. All Napsac backpack and pillow products are designed for personal use complete with soft washable chinrest covers.

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has also acknowledged the need for upper body support while sitting up traveling. Boeing has patented a support backpack that fits on to an aircraft seat:

Seated on a long journey, store your most valuable possessions, your laptop, phone, ipad, etc in your backpack. Put your luggage in the hold and take your backpack on board. When you start getting tired, lift your backpack onto your lap; put your arms through the straps and adjust to suit, bringing your chin to rest on your backpack's soft chinrest - yes, the backpack has a chinrest! ..and an armrest too. You can simply dose or sleep, knowing that your valuable possessions are right under your chin.

If you want to protect your personal valuables, hair style and face makeup while traveling long haul sleeping sitting up - get this bag. If you want to get a quick sleep traveling to school or commuting to the office, you need this bag.

Taking a bus from LA to New York? Protect your valuables and sleep peacefully sitting up en route to NY. 
You may be sitting beside a pain in the neck, but when you waken, you do not end up with a real pain in the neck!

DID YOU KNOW that sleeping sitting up stops blood pooling or dark rings forming under your eyes, so traveling long haul in economy - you can get off that airplane looking fresh, looking just as you did when you boarded!

"I'm pleased to have developed and patented this product. I am sure it will help with your journeys. I know it gives you confidence, knowing that if you get stuck, you have a means to sleep sitting up with bag contents' security." Joe Maginness, 28 Shaneen Park, Belfast, County Antrim, N Ireland.

US Patent 8333308

Manufacturing and distribution licensee enquiries:-

TELEPHONE CONTACT (Boston Rate) : 857 574 5105; and UK +44 759 5328 580.


All products shown on this website have patent protection in the USA and other territory.


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